My lense.

We can never be crystallized into one action. We are so much more than that. Be awake.

Be grateful to be awake.

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We are all worthy creations.
Not everyone know’s their place in this life, but that doesn’t stop them from living.
We are still here.
We waste every moment when we hide, fear, contemplate, hesitate, and question—When we don’t notice or actively look.
We are and need to be present.
We have to know that the others cannot wait for us. They fade into that which is cyclical.
We are worthy. We are here. We are present.

You are loved.

Battening down the hatches today. :-(

“I think that’s at the heart of every friendship: “If I show you this, will you still love me? If I show you this, will you still be with me?””

Susanna Sonnenberg (via thatkindofwoman)

Keep a stiff upper lip don’t let it quiver
I’ll dry your beautiful eyes don’t cry a river
Whenever you’re feeling sad or blue
Remember I’m always here for you.


Reaching For The Stars by Walter Jonasson
Looking within. It’s a constant.

“Amar, es morir y revivir y remorir: es la vivacidad. Te quiero porque soy mortal y tú lo eres.”

Octavio Paz (via littrature)